In the lead up to and throughout the Centenary of Anzac, the Peace Coalition is hosting a series of public forums entitled Peace in Australia: The Untold Story.

The centenary of World War I commemorates the sacrifice demanded of servicemen in what was described as the War to End All Wars. That this led to the outbreak of a second world war little more than twenty years later proved the futility of seeking violence as a means to end conflict. This together with the now quite popular notion that the Australian national character was forged in the trenches of Gallipoli led several organisations and individuals to form a coalition which has its focus on broadening our opportunities to learn from our shared history. We seek to tell the untold, forgotten, and sometimes hidden stories—those which give breadth to our shared history and relate the efforts of Australians to create peaceful alternatives to conflict. We have arranged four public forums in which we will explore and expand on ideas presented in the many commemoration programs recounting historical events. We will honour those who served and pay our respects to them, while seeking to identify ways in which we can learn from history and gain inspiration to live more peacefully in the present and future.

From Military Security to Human Security

Beyond the Cold War & War on Terror.  The Road Taken: From Vietnam to Afghanistan and Iraq The Road We Must Travel Emeritus Professor Joseph Camilleri Professor Jacqui True Professor Robyn Eckersley Associate Professor Marianne Hanson  

From Invasion to Federation

Indigenous people, convicts and empire This first public forum in the series covers the period from invasion to federation, and explores the general conclusions about the attitudes to war and peace at the time of federation, how history is remembered and written down, the discontents of empire and the political prisoners transported to Australia and … Continue reading From Invasion to Federation

Federation to the Aftermath of WWI

This second public forum in the series covers the period between 1901-1920, and explores the social history of Australia at Federation and before the war, the peace movement and anti-conscription campaigns in Australia during WWI, and the ongoing consequences of the war for individuals, families and the country in the aftermath of the war.

From ANZAC to Vietnam

Australia 1946 – 1976: From ANZAC to Vietnam. Responses to Changing World Understandings. World War II, Great and Powerful Friends, The “Cold War” farewell to monoculture. This is the third public forum in the series. It’s been said that the period from the mid ‘40s to mid ‘70s were some of the most turbulent in … Continue reading From ANZAC to Vietnam

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